The Robert Palmer Girls

The iconic music video for Robert Palmer’s hit song “Simply Irresistible” featured a quintet of strikingly identical women, often referred to as the “Robert Palmer Girls.” These models added an unforgettable visual element to the song. Let’s meet these fabulous ladies

  1. Julie Pankhurst: She played the keyboard and was 21 years old at the time. Julie also appeared on both versions of the single’s slipcover.
  2. Patty Kelly (formerly Patty Elias): Patty, aged 20, rocked the guitar. Interestingly, she was the sole American among the group, hailing from Long Island.
  3. Kathy Davies: Kathy, 24 years old, handled the drums. Although her view was often obscured by Palmer himself, she humorously mentioned that she frequently had his butt in front of her during filming.
  4. Mak Gilchrist: Mak, also 21, held down the bass guitar. She was the only non-twenty-something member, adding a unique touch to the ensemble.
  5. Julia Bolino: Julia, the youngest at 19, shredded on lead guitar. Her age and talent made her stand out in the group.

These talented women, along with Robert Palmer, created an unforgettable video that became one of the most popular of the 1980s. Whether you interpret their portrayal as playful mannequins, strong and intimidating creatures, or soulless robots, their impact remains timeless!

During their time as Robert Palmer girls in the video, Pankhurt, Kelly, Gilchrist, and Bolino were living in London. Davies lived with another model in Hampstead. Where most of the girls were English, Kelly was the sole American, hailing from Long Island.

Prior to their time as the Addicted to Love Girls, Pankhurst had never worked in the media industry, and Elias was still exploring her way around it. Davies appeared at the beginning of Zaine Griff’s “Figures” music video for The Simeons, directed by Paul McCartney, and had a minor role as a Bond girl in “Octopussy.” Gilchrist’s face was featured in several commercials. Bolino appeared in two music videos, one with Rod Stewart, and the other with The Outfield’s “All the Love in the World.”

Julie Pankhurt’s career has spanned various creative endeavors, from appearing in music videos like Harry Connick, Jr.’s “Recipe for Love” to starring in Robert Palmer’s Pepsi commercial for “Simply Irresistible.” Transitioning from modeling to diverse roles including nanny, photography agent, and commercial director, she’s explored merchandising opportunities such as selling leather journals and running an online mail-order company specializing in children’s gifts. Currently residing in London, she balances her roles as a mother and entrepreneur.

Patty Kelly, after her work with Robert Palmer, pursued her studies at UCLA in the ’90s, focusing on art history. Fifteen years later, she returned to academia to study horticulture. Presently, she collaborates with landscapers and architects in Los Angeles, balancing her professional life with being a mother to her two children from her previous marriage, Lilli and Jack. Patty remarried on June 22, 2013, to Michael Rosenfeld, a professional in Los Angeles’ real estate industry. Her former husband, Jonathan Elias, known for his work with Duran Duran and composing the first jingle for MTV, shares her passion for artistic pursuits.

Mak Gilchrist, after her stint in a music video with Bryan Ferry, pursued further education at the London College of Printing, Graphics, and Design. While she occasionally models, her focus has shifted to the “Edible Bus Stop” project, promoting renewable edibles. Her dedication earned commendation from Prime Minister David Cameron and a nomination for the Observer Ethical Award. Currently residing in London’s Brixton area, she remains committed to sustainability efforts.

Julia Bolino has transitioned into a career as a hair and makeup artist in London, where she resides with her two daughters.

Kathy Davies embarked on a new chapter by moving to Thailand in 2001 with her husband. Despite not having children of her own, she proudly serves as godmother to nine and is actively involved as a board member of two charities in Phuket.


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