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When Steve Perry, the unmistakable voice of Journey, ventured into his solo project with the album “Street Talk,” released in 1984, he not only stamped his authority as a standalone artist but also gifted the world a collection of tracks that resonated with the emotional depth and musical finesse that had become his trademark.

The album opens with its most renowned track, “Oh Sherrie,” a soaring tribute to love. Perry’s powerful vocals, backed by an infectious melody and a chorus that sticks, make it an instant classic. This track, inspired by his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, showcases Perry’s ability to blend rock and pop seamlessly.

Perry takes a contemplative turn with “I Believe.” The song features introspective lyrics and a softer, more nuanced vocal performance, highlighting Perry’s range and emotional depth.

Energetic and driven, “Go Away” is a standout rock number. Its catchy hooks and robust production encapsulate the 80s rock vibe perfectly.

A tender, heartfelt ballad, “Foolish Heart” showcases Perry’s skill in conveying vulnerability. The minimalistic arrangement allows his voice to shine, making it a poignant and memorable track.

This track serves as a reminder of Perry’s roots in classic rock and soul. The blend of rock elements with a soulful undertone creates a rich, satisfying listen.

Perry explores themes of love and longing in “She’s Mine.” The song combines a groovy rhythm with expressive vocals, creating a captivating musical narrative.

The album takes a lighter, more upbeat turn with this track. Its optimistic lyrics and lively tempo add a refreshing diversity to the album.

Produced by Steve Perry himself, along with Bruce Botnick, “Street Talk” exudes a production quality that is both polished and authentic. The album’s sound is a testament to the 80s, with synthesizers and electronic drums featuring prominently, yet it never overshadows Perry’s vocal prowess.

“Street Talk” went on to become a significant success, both critically and commercially. It solidified Steve Perry’s reputation as a versatile and emotive singer, capable of more than just fronting a rock band. The album’s blend of rock and pop, coupled with Perry’s soul-stirring vocals, left an indelible mark on the soundscape of the 80s.

The album’s success was also bolstered by its hit singles, especially “Oh Sherrie,” which became a staple on radio and MTV. “Street Talk” demonstrated Perry’s ability to connect with a wide audience, cementing his place as one of the era’s most distinctive and enduring voices.


In “Street Talk,” Steve Perry crafted an album that was both a reflection of its time and a timeless showcase of musical and emotional depth. It stands as a compelling testament to Perry’s talents as a vocalist and songwriter, offering a journey that is as much about personal expression as it is about universal themes of love and life. For fans of Steve Perry and classic rock, “Street Talk” remains an essential listen, a reminder of the enduring power of heartfelt music.

Track Listing

  1. Oh Sherrie
  2. I Believe
  3. Go Away
  4. Foolish Heart
  5. It’s Only Love
  6. She’s Mine
  7. You Should Be Happy
  8. Running Alone
  9. Captured by the Moment
  10. Strung Out

Oh Sherrie


You should’ve been gone
Knowing how I made you feel
And I should’ve been gone
After all your words of steel
Oh, I must’ve been a dreamer
And I must’ve been someone else
And we should’ve been over (over now)

Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on
Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on

Oh, I want to let go
You’ll go on hurtin’ me
You’d be better off alone
If I’m not who you thought I’d be

But you know that there’s a fever
Oh, that you’ll never find nowhere else (nowhere else)
Can’t you feel it burnin’
On and on (on and on)

Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on
Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on

Oh, Sherrie

But I should’ve been gone
Long ago, far away
And you should’ve been gone
Now I know you’d lie, you’ll stay

Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on
Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on, holds on

Oh, Sherrie, our love
Holds on (Sherrie), holds on

Hold on
Oh, Sherrie


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