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Sly Fox, the American new wave duo, released their only album “Let’s Go All the Way” in December 1985 under Capitol Records. The album includes their popular hit single of the same name, released in 1986. Their next single “Stay True” did not perform well and barely made it to the Billboard Hot 100 later in 1986.

Released in 1985, Sly Fox’s debut and only album, “Let’s Go All the Way,” remains a distinctive and influential record in the ’80s pop and dance music realm. Led by the visionary talents of Gary “Mudbone” Cooper and Michael Camacho, Sly Fox crafted an album that not only produced a chart-topping title track but also showcased a unique fusion of genres and sonic experimentation that continues to resonate with listeners.

The album’s title track, “Let’s Go All the Way,” is an undeniably catchy synth-pop anthem that catapulted Sly Fox into the limelight. The infectious chorus and the innovative use of synthesizers define the song, making it an emblematic track of the mid-’80s music scene. Its success on the charts and enduring popularity have solidified its status as a classic of the era.

What sets “Let’s Go All the Way” apart is its fearless exploration of genres. Sly Fox seamlessly blends elements of pop, funk, and electronic music, creating a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization. From the upbeat energy of “Stay True” to the soulful grooves of “Love Power,” the album demonstrates a willingness to push boundaries and experiment with diverse musical styles.

Beneath the infectious beats and danceable rhythms, Sly Fox incorporates thoughtful lyricism with social commentary. “Como Tu Te Llama (What Is Your Name?)” delves into themes of cultural identity and communication, showcasing the duo’s ability to infuse depth into their danceable tunes. This adds a layer of substance to the album, elevating it beyond mere pop sensibilities.

Let’s Go All the Way” reflects the technological advances of the time, embracing innovative production techniques that were becoming emblematic of the ’80s sound. The use of synthesizers, drum machines, and electronic effects contributes to the album’s futuristic and cutting-edge feel, capturing the spirit of the era’s musical evolution.

While Sly Fox may be considered a one-hit wonder, the impact of “Let’s Go All the Way” on ’80s music and pop culture is undeniable. The title track, in particular, has been featured in numerous films, commercials, and TV shows, attesting to its enduring popularity and cultural significance.


“Let’s Go All the Way” by Sly Fox is a remarkable snapshot of the musical landscape in the mid-1980s. Beyond its chart-topping title track, the album showcases the duo’s innovative approach to music, incorporating diverse genres and pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation. Sly Fox may have been a brief presence in the music scene, but their debut album remains a testament to the creative spirit and sonic diversity of the ’80s, earning its place as a cherished gem in the tapestry of pop music history.

Track Listing

  1. Let’s Go All the Way
  2. Como Tu Te Llama (What Is Your Name?)
  3. I Wanna Love You
  4. Don’t Play with Fire
  5. Stay True
  6. We Can Make It
  7. Love Power
  8. Stay True (Reprise)



Sitting with the thinker
Trying to work it out
It’s a traffic jam of the brain
Makes you wanna scream and shout

Presidential party
No one wants to dance
Looking for a new star
To put you in a trance

Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Let’s go all the way

Working in a factory
Eight days a week
Try to make dollar
Down, what a beat

Cartoon capers
Happen in reality
Rich man, poor man
Living in fantasy

Let’s go all the way
Let’s go all the way
Oh, oh, oh, let’s go all the way

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Living in New York
Looks like an apple core (apple core)
Asphalt jungle
Got to be a man-of-war

California dreamers
Sinking in the sand (the sand, the sand, the sand)
The Hollywood squares are
Living in Disneyland

(Wee, ha!)

Let’s go all the way (let’s go all the way)
Let’s go all the way (let’s go all the way)
(Ah, ah, ah) think it’d make a better way
Let’s go all the way

Go all the way
Yeah, let’s go all the way

Na, na, na-na-na
Na, na-na-na-na-na-na
Na, na, na-na-na, yeah
Na, na, na-na-na
Na, na-na-na-na-na-na
Na, na, na-na-na, yeah


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