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KISS (Music From The Elder) is a perplexing and ambitious album by the iconic rock band KISS, released in 1981. Departing from their signature hard rock and glam sound, the band sought to create a concept album that would delve into more progressive and orchestral territory. However, the album’s reception upon release was polarizing, as it received mixed reviews from critics and confused many longtime fans.

The concept behind “Music From The Elder” revolves around a mythical and mystical storyline, focusing on a young hero chosen to embark on a quest to battle evil. Despite the band’s intentions to create a deeper and more meaningful narrative, the concept proved difficult to follow and connect with, leaving many listeners feeling disconnected from the music.

The album’s production is grandiose and ambitious, incorporating orchestral arrangements and choirs to create an epic atmosphere. Songs like “A World Without Heroes” and “I” feature sweeping orchestration and emotive vocals from Paul Stanley, but the album as a whole struggled to find a cohesive musical identity.

Despite the mixed reception, “Music From The Elder” did find some appreciation among certain segments of fans and critics who admired KISS’ willingness to experiment and explore new musical territory. The band’s dedication to their vision and their desire to create something beyond their comfort zone should be commended, even if the final result was not universally embraced.

Over the years, “Music From The Elder” has gained a cult following, with some fans and musicians appreciating its unique and unconventional qualities. The album’s ambitious nature and the risks taken by KISS in pushing their artistic boundaries have led to retrospective analysis and reevaluation, acknowledging its importance as a pivotal moment in the band’s discography.


In conclusion, “Music From The Elder” is an enigmatic and bold experiment that showcases KISS’ desire to evolve as musicians and storytellers. While the album’s concept and departure from their familiar sound may have been met with mixed reactions, it remains a fascinating chapter in the band’s history and a testament to their willingness to explore new creative avenues. “Music From The Elder” may not have been the commercial success the band hoped for at the time, but it’s cult status and enduring legacy as a musical curiosity make it a noteworthy addition to the diverse and storied catalog of KISS.

A World Without Heroes



A world without heroes
Is like a world without sun
You can’t look up to anyone
Without heroes
And a world without heroes
Is like a never-ending race
Is like a time without a place
A pointless thing, devoid of grace

Where you don’t know what you’re after
Or if something’s after you
And you don’t know why you don’t know
In a world without heroes

In a world without dreams
Things are no more than they seem
And a world without heroes
Is like a bird without wings
Or a bell that never rings
Just a sad and useless thing

Where you don’t know what you’re after
Or if something’s after you
And you don’t know why you don’t know

In a world without heroes
There’s nothing to be
It’s no place for me

Track Listing

  1. The Oath
  2. Fanfare
  3. Just A Boy
  4. Only You
  5. Under The Rose
  6. A World Without Heroes
  7. Mr. Blackwell
  8. Escape From The Island
  9. Odyssey
  10. I
  11. Finale


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