License To Drive

The Movie

“License to Drive,” released in 1988, is a lighthearted and entertaining coming-of-age comedy that showcases the talents of the Coreys—Corey Haim and Corey Feldman—during the height of their teen idol status. Directed by Greg Beeman, this film encapsulates the teenage experience, humorously exploring the challenges and adventures that come with the pursuit of independence.

The story revolves around Les Anderson (Corey Haim), a typical teenager eagerly awaiting his driver’s license. When he fails the test, Les’s world is turned upside down as he embarks on a misadventure-filled night to prove his worth and impress the girl of his dreams, Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham). Along the way, he enlists the help of his mischievous friend Dean (Corey Feldman), resulting in a series of comedic situations and near-disasters.

The Coreys’ on-screen chemistry is undeniable, and their charismatic performances add a layer of charm to the film. Corey Haim’s portrayal of Les Anderson captures the essence of a likable and relatable teenager, while Corey Feldman’s Dean serves as the perfect sidekick, injecting the film with his trademark wit and humor. Their camaraderie is infectious, and their comedic timing keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.

“License to Drive” effectively captures the freedom and excitement that comes with getting a driver’s license. The film cleverly explores the universal desire for independence during adolescence, and Les’s journey serves as a metaphorical rite of passage. From joyriding in a stolen Cadillac to encountering quirky characters along the way, the film successfully captures the spirit of teenage rebellion and the pursuit of personal growth.

The supporting cast adds depth to the film, with memorable performances from Heather Graham as Mercedes Lane and Carol Kane as Les’s overprotective mother. Their interactions with the Coreys create a delightful dynamic, adding romantic and comedic elements to the story. The ensemble cast works together seamlessly, contributing to the film’s overall enjoyment.

The direction by Greg Beeman maintains a fast pace, keeping the audience engaged throughout the film. The script, written by Neil Tolkin, balances the comedic moments with genuine emotional beats, ensuring that the characters’ growth and relationships remain at the forefront. The 1980s setting and soundtrack further enhance the nostalgic appeal, evoking a sense of fun and carefree spirit.


While “License to Drive” may not be groundbreaking in terms of its plot or thematic depth, it succeeds in its aim to entertain and provide an enjoyable movie experience. The film’s light-hearted humor and endearing characters make it a perfect choice for a relaxing evening or a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

In conclusion, “License to Drive” is a fun and entertaining coming-of-age comedy that showcases the talents of the Coreys and captures the essence of teenage independence and adventure. With its charming performances, relatable themes, and humorous situations, the film remains a delightful watch for fans of ’80s teen movies or anyone seeking an enjoyable and nostalgic cinematic experience.

The Cast

  • Corey Haim as Les Anderson
  • Corey Feldman as Dean
  • Carol Kane as Mrs. Anderson
  • Richard Masur as Mr. Robert Anderson
  • Heather Graham as Mercedes Lane
  • Michael Manasseri as Charles
  • Parley Baer as Grandpa
  • Harvey Miller as The Professor
  • Michael A. Nickles as Paolo
  • Nina Siemaszko as Natalie Anderson
  • James Avery as Les’s DMV Examiner
  • Grant Goodeve as Natalie’s DMV Examiner
  • Grant Heslov as Karl
  • Michael Ensign as School Teacher/Bus Driver
  • Helen Hanft as Miss Hellberg
  • Christopher Burton as Rudy
  • Nanci Meek-Kusley as Shakey’s Waitress
  • Lewis Carr as Car Park Attendant

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