The Spinning Gyrobot from Tomy Toys

These spinning Gyrobots robots were released by Tomy Toys Japan in 1982. During the decade of the 1980s, robots became big business. And of course, the toy companies jumped in. Tomy toys of Japan certainly led the way. Their ingenuity with toy design and the excellent quality of their toys made them the number one brand. Online reviews and images of the toys is quite rare, and I could only find a few references on the web.

The little Gyrobot came with a zip line that you inserted next to a gear mechanism inside the toy. This gear is attached to a spinning weight. Once the cord is pulled out at speed, the inner wheel will start spinning. It created enough spinning force for the robot to spin on its head, much like a spinning top.

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The little robot can also be left standing, or laid on its back. The spinning wheel would do the rest. And your robot would jump and spin in all directions.

The arms of the robot is attached to the body via a swivel pin. You can lift them upwards or down. Packaging cost were kept to a minimum and Gyrobots from Tomy Toys came carded on a yellow blisterpack, to be sold on pegs instore. Certainly one of the most desired 80s toys for collectors