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Duran Duran (A View To A Kill) is the band’s thirteenth single. The official theme song for the 1985 James Bond movie starring Roger Moore. The only James Bond film theme to make it to the US Billboard Hot 100. It remained at number two for three weeks in the UK.

In 1985, Duran Duran cemented their place in pop culture history with the release of “A View to a Kill,” the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name. This single not only became a commercial success but also showcased the band’s ability to blend cinematic grandeur with their signature new wave sound.

From the opening notes, “A View to a Kill” captures the listener’s attention with its dramatic orchestration, co-created by the legendary John Barry. The song then seamlessly transitions into Duran Duran’s familiar territory of sleek synths and driving beats, creating a perfect fusion of Bond-esque sophistication and 80s pop flair.

Simon Le Bon’s commanding vocals deliver the song’s enigmatic lyrics with a sense of urgency and intrigue, perfectly complementing the espionage-themed film. The chorus, with its catchy hook and powerful delivery, ensures the song’s memorability, while the instrumental bridge provides a moment of suspense and intensity that elevates the overall composition.


Commercially, “A View to a Kill” was a triumph, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the only Bond theme to achieve this feat. Its success further solidified Duran Duran’s status as one of the leading bands of the decade.

Overall, “A View to a Kill” remains a standout track in both the James Bond soundtrack repertoire and Duran Duran’s discography. Its blend of cinematic elements and pop sensibility creates a timeless piece that continues to resonate with fans of both the band and the Bond franchise.

A View To A Kill



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