Lego 6950

Mobile Rocket Launcher

Set number Lego 6950

Released 1982

209 Parts

Lego 6950 Mobile Rocket Launcher. Released in 1982. By now the fourth year of the very successful “Classic Space” toy line by Lego. During this period, Lego employed the recognisable old grey, blue, and transparent yellow pieces on their space sets. 6950 is an impressive set for its time. With lots of playability.

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Coming out with a smooth all-terrain suspension with big wheels to navigate those moon craters. All this of course necessary to get that huge rocket to its launching site. The rocket is attached to a purpose-built robot arm. In the horisontal position, it looks like a futuristic battle tank.

Robot arm

The robot arm consists of two hinge plates and unfolds to place the rocket in an upright position. At the end of the arm is a housing for the rocket. Hinges and plates hold the rocket in place. You can open it up and the rocket can be released

The box, of course, is reminiscent of the time. You get the top flap with all the cool pictures, opening up to reveal all the bits and pieces inside the new set.

The set came with two of the traditional yellow space minifigs. The moon crater baseplate however was not included in the set, and simply added for aesthetic purposes.

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