Lego Set 6380

Lego Set 6380: Intensive care in Legoland

Set number 6380

Released 1987

308 Parts

The famous white and red hospital of Legoland. Lego Set 6380 was released in 1987 with a string of other sets with roughly the same size. Among them were a fire station, a horse riding school, a Shell petrol station, and a police station. All with a 32×32 baseplate to complement each other in a sweet town setup with road baseplates, trees, and flowers. Maybe a forerunner of today’s big modular city sets? Set 6380 came out with a green baseplate, with a driveway printed. Included was a little pine tree, a dustbin, and some flowers, with seating for visitors and patients in the lush garden. Inside the building, you got a surgery room, an upstairs office, and a reception area next to the driveway, where the ambulance stopped. The ambulance was included in the set with a stretcher in the back.

The Set

The set came with 5 mini figures. Two patients or visitors, and three medical personnel. The set is iconic for Lego collectors and kids from the 1980’s alike. It came packaged in a box with a flip lid, revealing the neatly packed parts inside.