10 Great movie soundtracks from the 80s

The decade is known for its unrivaled music explosion, with fans swearing by it to this day. From rock bands to synth-pop bands. We had it all. When it came to music in the movies, 80s films had the best to choose from. Original songs were used, but don’t forget composers like Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, and others for their mesmerizing works of electronic and orchestral music. Here are 10 Great movie soundtracks from the 80s. In no particular order.

Top Gun

When you think Top Gun, you think Berlin and Kenny Loggins. “Take my breath away” by Berlin is arguably one of the outstanding ballads from the decade, and still features on the radio to this day. Kenny Loggins’ “Highway to the danger zone” added the grunt and speed to the fast-paced jet fighter film. And who can forget that ultimate film intro on the aircraft carrier? A stellar collection of music and music score that helped make Top Gun one of the 80s greats.

Some kind of wonderful

This John Hughes classic is often overlooked. This soundtrack takes you back to 1986 and you feel like listening to a radio station, strolling through the mall. The soundtrack is a gem as a whole, however, as it does contain semi-hits and covers. It is a good production for background music and flows fluently with the storyline of this teen drama. Noteworthy covers are “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Lick the Tins, and “Miss Amanda Jones” by the March Violets. The film and soundtrack is a classic example of 80s teen movies.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a futuristic film set in a futuristic dystopian Los Angeles. Vangelis wrote and created the music score for the movie. A blend of flowing synthesizer music and futuristic sounds created an atmosphere for a dark world set in the future. The production received a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination in 1983. The soundtrack, however, was only released a decade later. This 1994 compilation was not the whole production and a revised edition was released in 2007.

The Mission

Hailed by many as a masterpiece by the late Ennio Morricone. The soundtrack was released by Virgin in 1986. For classical music lovers, this creation was a life-changing event. Morricone composed, orchestrated, conducted, and produced this epic mixture of tribal drums, Spanish guitars, and orchestral brilliance. The 2002 winter Olympics made use of the music for the opening ceremony. A true musical wonder.


Footloose was released in 1984. The soundtrack album reached number 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Six tracks from the album were Billboard 100 Top 40 hits. It featured hits like “Footloose” and “I’m free” by Kenny Loggins. Bonnie Tyler provided the hit “Holding out for a hero”. Like the movie, the soundtrack is an iconic 80s production


Flashdance was released in 1983. The soundtrack to the movie sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Hits on the album included “Flashdance…..what a feeling”, and “Maniac”. The album spent nine weeks on the Billboard 200, after finally reaching number one, replacing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the top spot for a while. it remained on the charts for seventy-eight weeks.


The soundtrack of Mannequin brought some popular hits. The band ‘Starship’ provided a timeless hit. “Nothing’s gonna stop us now” which was nominated for an Academy Award. Belinda Carlisle is also featured on the album with “In my wildest dreams”

Back to the Future

This time-traveling box office hit was boosted by a music score that fits the success of the movie. Allan Silvestri provided the music score. Songs from Huey Lewis and the News are featured, like “The Power of Love” and “Back in Time”. Eric Clapton performed the song “Heaven is one step away”. Near the end of the film, Michael J. Fox performs “Johny B. Goode” by Marvin Berry. With Silverstri’s genius, mixed with pop-rock songs of the time, the soundtrack of the film provides a memorable experience.

Dirty Dancing

This soundtrack is just sublime. The fast-paced songs with rich emotions were perfect for the film. Bill Medley’s “(I’ve had) the time of my life and Eric Carmen’s “Hungry eyes” comes to mind. Patrick Swayze also delivered a solo, “She’s like the wind”. The album sold 32 million copies worldwide and remains one of the best-selling albums to date. In 2003 an album was released with every song in the movie, in the order, it appeared in the film.

Over the Top

Over the Top only had one real hit. “Meet me halfway” by Kenny Loggins. But this does not mean the rest of the music score wasn’t good. The soundtrack gave so much grunt and emotion to this muscle movie. It evokes the 80s pop-rock culture. The final arm wrestles match is a good example. Certainly not the best out there, the film and soundtrack remain one of the favorites to 80s fans.

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