Child’s Play

Child’s Play is a supernatural horror film. Directed by Tom Holland (no not the Spiderman actor), and released on 9 November 1988.


It is the first of six films featuring a doll that is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

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The MGM movie’s release generated a handsome $44 million on a budget of $9 million.

The Movie

The plot revolves around a demonic murdering doll. It all started when Detective mike Norris chases down Charles Le Ray into a toy store. The serial killer was fatally wounded by Norris, but before passing away he performs a voodoo chant, transferring his soul into one of the “Good Guy” dolls on display. Shortly after the store is destroyed by a lightning strike.


A homeless man then picked up the possessed doll and sells it to a widow, Karen Barcley, who gives it to her son Andy. On the first evening, Karen had to work overtime and asked her best friend Maggie to babysit Andy. After bedtime, Maggie discovers the doll, Chucky, watching the tv news. A bulletin about the death of Charles Lee Ray. When Chucky sees her he attacks her with a hammer causing her to fall out of the window to her death. Andy is immediately branded a suspect


The next morning Chucky tricks Andy into taking a train downtown. Here Chucky tracks down his former accomplice, Addie Caputo, and kills him by setting a gas explosion. Again Andy is seen as a suspect. He tries to explain it was the doll but is sent to a psychiatric hospital.

That evening at home Karen notices the doll has no batteries installed, but still functions. She then tries to burn it In her fireplace, upon which Chucky comes alive and attacks her. Chucky escapes and Karen rushes to Norris to tell her story. Understandably he doesn’t believe her. Norris then takes Karen home, only to be attacked by Chucky, but Norris manages to shoot the doll.


Chucky then goes to his voodoo mentor, John, to find out how he can transfer to a human. Here he finds out that he must transfer his soul to the first human (Andy) he revealed his identity. This is after John refused to help him, and Chucky tortures him with a voodoo doll, which he eventually uses to kill John.

The doll then went to the hospital where Andy was held and killed the doctor on duty. Andy escapes and runs away to his home with Chucky on his heels. Entering the final scene, Chucky manages to knock out Andy and start the voodoo spell but got interrupted by Norris and Karen. Norris gets injured but Karen and Andy manage to throw the doll into the fireplace.

Thinking all is over the charred doll springs up and comes at them again, with Karen unloading a hail of bullets onto the doll, which bursts into pieces. Still coming at them, Norris manages to shoot Chucky through the heart. The only thing that will kill him. After the ordeal, everybody decides to leave as nobody will believe their story.

The Cast

  • Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay
  • Chris Sarandon as Detective Mike Norris
  • Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay
  • Dinah Manoff as Maggie Peterson
  • Tommy Swerdlow as Jack Santos
  • Jack Colvin as Dr. Ardmore
  • Raymond Oliver as John “Dr. Death” Bishop
  • Neil Giuntoli as Eddie Caputo
  • Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky
  • Edan Gross as Friendly Chucky (voice)
  • John Franklin as Walkabout Chucky
  • Ed Gale as Chucky (in-suit performer)[

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