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Aquanet hairspray is a synonym with 80s big hair. The 1980s was a decade of big hair, bold fashion, and unapologetic self-expression. And one product that was a staple in every haircare arsenal was Aqua Net Professional hairspray. This iconic hairspray was the go-to choice for millions of women and men who wanted to achieve and maintain the perfect hairstyle.

In the world of 1980s hair care, Aquanet Hairspray stood as an iconic symbol of big, bold, and gravity-defying hairstyles. This legendary hairspray was a staple for both men and women seeking to achieve the ultimate ’80s look, and its impact on popular culture cannot be overstated.

One of the most remarkable qualities of Aquanet Hairspray was its incredible hold. It was a product designed to keep even the most elaborate hairstyles firmly in place, defying gravity and ensuring that your carefully crafted hair creation would last throughout the day and into the night. No matter how high the hair or how intricate the style, Aquanet Hairspray provided the necessary support to keep it intact.

The History

Aqua Net hairspray was first introduced in the 1950s by the Helene Curtis company, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it truly became a cultural phenomenon. It was a time when hairspray was not just a styling product, but a statement of personality and attitude. And Aqua Net was the perfect product for achieving those big, bold, gravity-defying styles that defined the era.

Aquanet Magazine Ad
Aquanet Hairspray Magazine Ad

For those who are too young to remember or were not around in the 80s, Aqua Net hairspray was like magic in a can. It was a super-strong, long-lasting formula that could keep even the most intricate hairstyles in place for hours. Whether you were going for a high, fluffy, permed ‘do or a sleek, teased-out ponytail, Aqua Net had your back.

The product was available in different levels of hold, from regular to super hold, depending on the level of hold you needed. The higher the hold, the more hairspray you needed, and the stiffer and crunchier your hair would feel. But that was a small price to pay for a look that could withstand the wind, rain, and dance floor.


Aqua Net was also incredibly affordable and readily available in drugstores and supermarkets across the country. It was a product that everyone could afford, from high school students to working professionals. And it was a product that everyone needed, especially during prom season when hairspray sales would skyrocket.

TV Commercial


But Aqua Net was more than just a hairspray; it was a symbol of the 80s culture. It was a time when excess was celebrated, and bigger was always better. And Aqua Net embodied that spirit perfectly. The tall, blue, and white can with the iconic red and black logo was a fixture on bathroom counters and dressing tables across the country. And the sound of the aerosol spray, followed by the distinct scent of Aqua Net, was a familiar and comforting sound to those who lived through the decade.

Tv Shows And The Silverscreen

Aqua Net was also immortalized in popular culture, appearing in movies and TV shows like “The Breakfast Club,” “Desperately Seeking Susan,”, After Hours”, When Harry Met Sally” and “Seinfeld.” It was also mentioned in songs like “Downtown” by Macklemore and “Blow” by Kesha, proving that its influence transcended the decade in which it was born.

80s Hair Memes

Aquanet Meme
80s Hair Meme


Sadly, the popularity of Aqua Net began to wane in the 1990s, as the fashion and beauty trends shifted to a more natural and effortless look. Hairspray, in general, fell out of favor as consumers began to favor products like mousse and gel, which were less damaging to the hair and didn’t leave behind the crunchy, sticky residue associated with hairspray.

But for those who lived through the 80s, Aqua Net will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was a product that helped us express our creativity and individuality, and it was a product that was always there for us when we needed it. And even though we may have moved on to other hair products, the memories of Aqua Net will live on forever.

Aquanet Hairspray was an iconic product of the 1980s, providing the necessary support and hold to achieve the gravity-defying hairstyles that defined the era. Its versatility, distinctive scent, and ability to keep even the most elaborate styles intact made it a go-to product for those seeking to make a statement with their hair. While it had some drawbacks in terms of hair texture and environmental impact, Aquanet Hairspray remains a symbol of ’80s beauty culture and an enduring part of pop culture history.

In conclusion, Aqua Net Professional hairspray was an essential product for anyone who wanted to achieve the perfect hairstyle in the 1980s. It was a symbol of the decade’s excess and boldness, and it was a product that was affordable and accessible to everyone. Although it may no longer be as popular as it once was, Aqua Net will always hold a special place in


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