Overboard was released in 1987. It starred Goldi Hawn and Kurt Russell.

This American comedy was directed by Gary Marshall. The soundtrack was composed by Alan Silvestri.

The movie earned a total of $26 million on a budget of $22 million.

The Movie

Rich lady Joanna Stayton (Hawn) hires a local carpenter, Dean Proffitt (Rusell) to redo her wardrobe while her yacht is being repaired. However, he uses oak instead of cedar, to her dislike, which she did not indicate from the start.

She refuses to pay him unless he changes the wood he used, resulting in an argument, to the amusement of the ship’s crew. Eventually, she loses her temper and throws him overboard. That evening when her husband Grant (Herrmann) sails the repaired boat out of the harbor, she goes on deck to look for her wedding ring. Karma then came to visit and she slips and falls overboard herself.

The next day she is picked up by another vessel and taken to hospital. Her husband learns of this on TV and heads to the hospital. After discovering she suffers from amnesia, he decides to leave her in hospital and rather have a party on the yacht with other women. Dean sees the story on the news and decides to get revenge by picking her up and pretends to be her husband. He names her Annie, and becomes the mother of his 4 sons.

Not remembering who she was, she reluctantly agrees to go with him. Arriving at Dean’s residence she gets the shock of her life. She discovers the house inside is a mess, and soon adapts to her situation .

Joanna cleans the house and starts to take the four boys under her motherly wing. She discovers that Dean is working two jobs to keep the house going, and helps him to get his finances in order. She eventually falls in love with him. She even helps him develop a miniature gholf course. Dean also falls in love with him, but remains affraid to reveal to her what is realy going on.

Four months down the line, Joanna’s mother discovers her lot, and forces grant to go fetch his wife, threatening him in the process. Reluctantly he goes back to Elk Cove. When Joanna sees Grant, her memory returns, and she returns to the yact, sailing back to New York. Back in her old life, Joanna realises she wasnt happy, especially when she found out what Grant did the past four months. She take controll of the boat and turns it around, with Dean and the boys on the way with the coastgaurd to meet.

Grant loses the plot and shoots at Joanna with a bow and arrow after she jumps of the boat. In turn the butler shoves Grant overboard. Joanna is rescued by Dean and she promises to divorce grant and marry him instead. Passing her fortune on to his sons.


The movie is funny, witty and Goldi Hawn is superb in her role. Critics, however wasnt kind, and the film received average reviews. Today the film is considered a cult classic.

The Cast

  • Goldie Hawn as Joanna Stayton/Annie Proffitt
  • Kurt Russell as Dean Proffitt
  • Edward Herrmann as Grant Stayton III
  • Katherine Helmond as Edith Mintz
  • Roddy McDowall as Andrew
  • Michael G. Hagerty as Billy Pratt
  • Brian Price as Travis Proffitt
  • Jared Rushton as Charlie Proffitt
  • Jamie Wild as Greg Proffitt
  • Jeffrey Wiseman as Joey Proffitt
  • Henry Alan Miller as Dr. Norman Korman
  • Hector Elizondo as Garbage Scow Captain Tenati
  • Sven-Ole Thorsen as Olaf
  • Garry Marshall as Drummer
  • Ray Combs as the cop at the hospital
  • Doris Hess as Principal Adele Burbridge
  • Frank Buxton as Wilbur Budd
  • Wright Brothers Band

The Movie Trailer


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