One Hit Wonders Of The 80s

We all know the Eighties are the undisputed best decade of music. Many bands and artists became icons you still hear on the radio today. But never dismiss the amount of One Hit Wonders Of The 80s. There are countless singles that make you turn the volume up at the very sound of its intro, but the bands or artists are less significant.

Yet, experiencing success the bands or artists disappear, only being reminded of them when you hear the single. Never to feature again with a hit. Many of these hits did make the number-one spot. Some did, but others were just so good they live on in our memories, and of course, our playlists. This regularly updated post is not about those number-one chart-topping “one-hit wonders” only, but some of the most famous. Many were written as soundtracks to favorite movies, others just nailed it, once.


Take My Bath Away

Berlin Take My Breath Away
Soundtrack Cover of Take my Breath Away

The ballad from the 1986 box office smash hit “Top Gun“. The song grabbed the Oscar and Grammy awards for Best Original Song in 1986. It reached the top seat of the charts in the Uk, USA, and Europe.


Tarzan Boy

Official Album Cover

The Italian band, Baltimora, enjoyed huge success with this single. It was released in April 1985. In the UK it reached the third spot on the UK Charts. It spent six months on the US Billboard 100, where it peaked at number 13. In France, it topped the charts for five consecutive weeks.



Official Album Cover

Obsession is a single covered by the group Obsession. Released in 1984, it got featured on the Top 40 US Dance Charts, twice. In 1984 and then again in 1986.

Toni Basil


Singles Album Cover
Singles Album Cover

The track that gets stuck in your head. Yes, this quirky song was an absolute hit when it was released in 1982. It reached the number one spot in Australia, the Canada Top Singles, and the US Billboard Hot 100.


Eye Of The Tiger

Official Album Cover

Eye of the Tiger was a single released by the American rock band Survivor. It was featured in the 1982 feature film Rocky III. The was a huge success and reached the number-one spot on the charts worldwide. It enjoyed six weeks at the top spot of the US Billboard 100 charts.


99 Red Balloons

The German band Nena rose to fame with their single “99 Luftballons“. The song appeared on their self-titled album “Nena”. The song was released in March 1983 in West Germany, and later an English version was released. Not a direct translation, but the storyline is pretty much the same.

Mathew Wilder

Break My Stride

Single Album Cover

Mathew Wilder’s single “Break My Stride’ was released on 31 October 1983. The song was a huge success worldwide, peaking at number 5 on the Billboard 100.


I Think We’re Alone Now

Official Album Cover

The song was originally performed by the group Tommy James and the Shondells and was covered several times after its release in 1967. The most notable cover was by Tiffany Darwish, her version reaching the top spot on the charts in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

F.R. David


Official Album Cover

Released in 1982, the single reached the top spot of the charts across Europe. The album was a general success.