10 Snappy Facts About MacGyver


MacGyver is easily one of the greatest tv events of the decade. Richard Dean Anderson became MacGyver. The Guy that could wriggle himself out of any situation using science. Here are 10 Snappy Facts About MacGyver you probably never knew.

1 MacGyver’s Tricks

All of MacGyver’s tricks are based on science and are genuine. However, some steps were left out to prevent children from trying it out at home. There was an incident during the late 80s when two teenage boys made a bomb in a garage. It exploded and killed one. The surviving boy claimed he saw how to make it on MacGyver, but no episode contained what the boy claimed.

2 Pilot Episode


The show’s co-producer, John Rich, was not at all happy with the 90-minute pilot episode. In fact, he was so disappointed, that asked for his name to be taken off the credits.

3 Original Name

MacGyver’s name was never mentioned. It was only revealed in the seventh season to be Angus.

4 Thailand

During the Eighties, MacGyver was so popular in Thailand, that the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife was called the “MacGyver”

5 Fans Were Invited To Submit Ideas Of “MacGyverism”

Fans of the show were encouraged to forward their ideas for future MacGyver tricks. All were read but few were used. One example that can be mentioned is the egg that MacGyver dropped into a radiator to seal it.

6 Anti-Gun

Although it is clearly stated that MacGyver hated guns, he is seen firing an Ak-47 in the pilot episode.


7 No Girlfriends

The character of MacGyver was never allowed to have a girlfriend. However, during the third season, one was introduced, to the dismay of the female fans. Needless to say, the girlfriend character was promptly removed.

8 The Floating Boathouse

After the show ended, MacGyver’s home on the water ended up on Craigslist and was sold for $40,000.

9 Date Of Birth

MacGyver’s in-show birthday was 23 January 1951. In real life, Richard Dean Anderson’s birthday was 23 January 1950.

10 The Pocket Knife

The knife MacGyver uses is a Victorinox “Spartan”. However, in the opening credits, he uses a Wenger with a long keychain.


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