Detective TV series and robots are so 80s. Riptide brings all this together. Released in 1984, and ran for 3 seasons until 1986. Mike Post composed the theme. The series was brought to television by Frank Lupo and Stephen J. Cannell. Three Vietnam veterans and friends team up to start a detective agency. Set in Los Angeles, California. Also the location of filming.

The Riptide cast with the robot

The TV Show

Starring Cody Allen as Perry King, and Nick Ryder as Joe Penny. Two ex-army friends operate a private detective service from their boat “Riptide”. Known as Pier 56 Detective Agency. The show features a host of crafts and gadgets with which they fight criminals. The Riptide is Cody’s boat and its base of operation. Tom Bray plays the role of Murray “Boz” Bozinsky and created a robot called Roboz. Nick has an old pink Sikorsky S-58T helicopter called “Screaming Mimi“. Other gadgets featured in the show is Cody’s speedboat, and a red Chevrolet Corvette owned by Nick. The production will be remembered for the robot and all the vehicles featured, as well as the catchy jingle. A true 80s legend of tv shows.

The Sikorsky “Screaming Mimi”

TV intro