Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was released on 20 September 1979. It consisted of 2 seasons with 37 episodes and ended on 16 April 1981.


Another production inspired by the success of Star Wars. Various props, effects, and costumes from Battlestar Galactica remained, and found their way into the production of Buck Rogers.

The pilot episode was a feature-length theatrical film. The production was created by Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens. Based on the character “Buck Rogers” created in 1928 by Philip Francis.

The Show

The plot centers around Cpt William Anthony “Buck” Rogers. He pilots the Ranger 3 launched by NASA in 1987.


Following a malfunction in Ranger 3, Rogers is frozen, only to be rescued 504 years later.


The year is 2491 and Earth is rebuilt after a devastating nuclear holocaust.


The Cast

  • Gil Gerard as Captain William “Buck” Rogers
  • Erin Gray as Colonel Wilma Deering
  • Tim O’Connor as Elias Huer (first season)
  • Pamela Hensley as Princess Ardala (first season, four episodes)
  • Michael Ansara as Kane (first season, three episodes)
  • Wilfrid Hyde-White as Dr. Goodfellow (second season)
  • Thom Christopher as Hawk (second season)
  • Jay Garner as Admiral Efram Asimov (second season)
  • Paul Carr as Lt. Devlin (second season)
  • Felix Silla as Twiki (physical performance)
  • Patty Maloney as Twiki (physical performance, three episodes)
  • Mel Blanc as Voice of Twiki
  • Bob Elyea as Voice of Twiki (second-season episodes “Time of the Hawk” to “The Golden Man”)
  • Eric Server as Voice of Dr. Theopolis (first season) (voiced by Howard F. Flynn in the pilot)
  • Jeff David as Voice of Crichton (second season)
  • William Conrad as Narrator (first season)
  • Hank Simms as Narrator (second season)


The show is arguably one of the most successful TV productions of the era. Some merchandise followed on this success. Among these were comic books and action figurines and toys.

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