Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light

Visionaries Knights of the Magical Light was a science fantasy series that aired for one season in 1987.

The tv show was released by Sunbow Productions and was based on a short-lived toy line of action figures and vehicles by Hasbro.

A bi-monthly comic book series was published for six weeks by Star Comics

The Show

The scene is set on a fictional planet called Prysmos.

A futuristic society is forced to turn to ancient magic when all technology and machinery suddenly stopped to function. The characters in the show are utilizing magical staffs. To access the powers of the staff the character must recite a special verse.


Spectral Knights

  1. Leoric
  2. Ectar
  3. Feryl
  4. Cryotek
  5. Witter quick
  6. Arzon
  7. Galadria

Darkling Lords

  1. Darkstorm
  2. Reekon
  3. Mortdredd
  4. Cindarr
  5. Cravex
  6. Lexor
  7. Virulina

Episode List

  1. The Age of Magic Begins
  2. The Dark Hand of Treachery
  3. Quest for the Dragon’s Eye
  4. The Price of Freedom
  5. Feryl Steps Out
  6. Lion Hunt
  7. The Overthrow Of Merklynn
  8. The Power Of The Wise
  9. Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon
  10. The Trail of Three Wizards
  11. Sorcery Squared
  12. Honor Among Thieves
  13. Dawn Of The Sun Imps

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