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Unsolved Mysteries is an American mystery television show.

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The first of 7 special episodes aired on NBC on 20 January 1987, hosted by Burr, Maiden, and Stack.

The Show

The television show documented cold cases and paranormal phenomena. It is currently running its 16th series on Netflix after no less than 502 episodes. The original 7 episodes and season were the only material aired during the eighties. It was the first show of its kind and appealed to those fascinated by the supernatural.


  1. Raymond Burr
  2. Karl Maiden
  3. Robert Stack
  4. Virginia Madsen
  5. Dennis Farina


The show was created to give it a “documentary” feel, with presenters telling the stories. Events were re-enacted to give a real-life approach to the unexplained. NBC aired the series from its inception until 1997, when the ratings declined so much, that it was canceled. CBS decided to carry on with the production from season 10 and aired it till 1999 when CBS canceled.

Lifetime TV revived the series in 2001 and ended its stint in 2002. Spike TV gave it a shot from 2008 to 2010 and also ended up stopping the show. In 2020 a reboot was announced on Netflix.

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