Sony Walkman Tape Player. Music on the move

If there is one word that comes to mind when the ’80s is discussed, it is “the Walkman” Sony Walkman Tape Player media players made by Sony was such a huge hit, they eventually ended up selling 200 million units worldwide up until 2010.

Sony Walkman Tape PLayer

Sony based it’s idea back in the late 1970s on a product they already were selling. The Pressman. Their compact tape recorder designed for journalists. Initially, when the Walkman was released it carried numerous names. In the U.S. it was called the Soundabout, in the U.K. the Stowaway, and in Australia the Freestyle.

The word “Walkman” became the official term for numerous other brands, producing similar devices.

When Sony released the Walkman in 1979, they predicted sales of around 5000 units a month. it turned out to be 50 000 units a month.

The term “Walkman” became so widely used that the word was entered into the Oxford English dictionary.

Various versions were produced throughout the 1980s, which included different and advanced features, sizes, and “sport” models. The mobile use of the cassette player coincided with the upcoming fitness craze. Walking for exercise increased during this time

The Sony Walkman became a household name and product, and is loved by everyone that was growing up in the 1980’s

Sony Walkman Tape Players was produced in various designs and colors.