A-Team Action Figures by Galoob

The A-Team Action Figures by Galoob was a popular toy range based on the hit TV show, The A-Team. Galoob is an American toy company from 1957, California. Also known for Micro Machines. Everybody will remember the tv intro ringing “In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court…..”. Yes, those were the days of The A-Team. And in those days, if the tv show was a hit (or not), you can expect toys to follow. The main line-up of A-Team toys were action figures of the various characters.

The 6-inch line-up

John Hannibal was well known for his phrase “I love it when a plan comes together”. The Hanibal action figure was released with two machine guns and a backpack. The other action figures also came with weapons and all the tech relative to the show’s characters.

Remember the nutcase Murdock? These toys are highly sought after today, with collectors forking out a small fortune to get their hands on them. Especially if the figure still has all its accessories, or even better. If it is still sealed.

The toyline was of high quality, as Galoob was known for. Unfortunately, the accessories were made to scale and this, in turn, made them extremely small. Easy to break, or worse, getting lost. The main reason why you don’t find them today with all their gear. Many thanks to my dear friend Riaan Pretorius for photographing his pride and joy to use in this article. (lucky owner of a sealed Mr.T)

The original figures shown here were 6 inches in size. Soon the brand was expanded to 3 3/4″ mini action figures, along with various vehicles. 29 items in total. A good breakdown or “checklist” for the OCD sufferers among us can be found here. Worth the read.

TV Commercial

Other toys

Some of the vehicles and battle packs that became available in 1984. Very rare today and highly sought after. What do you know? The same with any darn thing that was made in the 80s.


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