Nintendo NES

The Nintendo NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is a third-generation home video game system from Japan. It was based on 8-Bit technology.


The first console was released on 15 July 1983. Named the Family Computer, or known as the Famicom. The company was known for its successful arcade games like Donkey Kong and wanted to incorporate this success into a home arcade system.

Nintendo Famicom

It was the first system to offer interchangeable game cartridges. The controller’s layout was based on their popular handheld devices. The console had some problems and the company had to redesign, releasing an upgraded version in 1984. Many older versions were recalled. Eventually, the system was a success and over 3 million machines were sold. Nintendo was ready now to rebrand the console and go international.

The next generation

The American market was something completely different. In 1983 the video game business crashed, and video games fell out of favor. The fight was on for Nintendo. Luckily their popular games counted in their favor. The company decided on a new approach and called the video game console an “Entertainment System”. The company’s designers were spot and released the a new designed NES home arcade system.

Nintendo NES

The design was sleek, clean, and had no protruding game cartridges. Instead, they designed the console so that the cartridge is inserted inside the machine with a plastic door that conceals the cartridge.

At first, sales were slow in the USA, but with some clever marketing and well-crafted deals with retailers, the console soon went national. Sales boomed.

What’s in the box

Nintendo light gun

Light Gun

The light gun was an innovative add-on for games like Duck-Hunting.

Nintendo ROB


Shortly after the release of the NES console, Nintendo added ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy). The optional add-on. Together with the light gun, it was intended to attract more attention to Nintendo’s console, and diversify from competitors as being sophisticated. ROB worked on the same principle as the lightgun. It responded to light from the screen and would make movements as if it was playing with you.

Super Mario

Super Mario Bros was by far the best-selling game of the time. It sold over 40 million copies.

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt was also popular when it came out in 1984. The light gun was used to shoot the ducks on the screen, and recovered by a dog that giggled at you when you missed. The game sold over 24 million copies. In 2014 Nintendo re-released the game on their Wii console.

TV commercial


On 14 August 1995 Nintendo halted production of the NES. However, the Famicon version went on to be produced until September 2003. Nintendo offered exchanges and repairs on both until 2007 when spares became in short supply. One of the best home video arcade consoles of the era. Especially for the video games it offered on sale.


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