Saturday morning bliss with Looney Tunes.

The saying goes “Saturday mornings will never be the same”. Carefree, cereal munching kids, lying in front of the tv for the weekly Saturday morning installment of yet another episode of Looney Tunes. And indeed, it will never be the same again. Starting your weekend off with the characteristic opening theme of Looney Tunes. Oh, the no-worries days.

The TV Show

Looney Tunes comes way back from 1930. It was Warner Brother’s answer to Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts. Through the years the show evolved, as new characters were being added. The so-called “Golden Years” stretched from 1944 to 1964. During its lifespan, the film shorts attracted eleven Oscar nominations and was awarded five. Then the 1980s arrived and the shorts were released on VHS for private home use. Being so popular, various spin-offs came into play. Comics, video games, and feature films followed. In modern times the cartoon has been scrutinized for racial stereotypes and violence. With some episodes not being aired or made available for purchase by Warner Bros. anymore.

Some of the Looney Tunes characters

As the years progressed various characters were added to the line-up. The most famous of them all was Bugs Bunny. Followed by Daffy Duck, and the Sylvester/Tweetie show. Others came along like the stuttering Porky Pig, the gun-wielding Elmer Fudd, Speedy Gonzales, and the Tasmanian Devil. Who can forget Pepe Le Pew’s charms? Marvin the Martian with his “it’s supposed to go kaboom” line. Lesser-known characters were Granny, Witch Hazel, Henery Hawk, the duo of Hubie and Bertie, Charlie Dog and lastly Beaky Buzzard

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam squaring it off

Sylvester and Tweetie

The endless feud of Sylvester and Tweetie

Foghorn Leghorn

Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner

Coyote and Roadrunner

TV intro