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Runaway stars Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes, Kirstie Alley, and Gene Simmons. Released in 1984. Written and Directed by Michael Crichton (also known for Westworld).

“Runaway,” the 1984 science fiction thriller directed by Michael Crichton and starring Tom Selleck, takes viewers on a high-stakes ride through a future where robots have gone rogue. While the film’s premise and Selleck’s commanding presence provide moments of excitement and intrigue, “Runaway” falls short of its full potential due to uneven pacing and missed opportunities for deeper exploration.

Set in a technologically advanced near-future, “Runaway” introduces us to Sergeant Jack Ramsey (Tom Selleck), a skilled police officer assigned to the Runaway Squad, a specialized unit tasked with neutralizing malfunctioning robots. When a routine call turns deadly, Ramsey finds himself entangled in a conspiracy involving an evil genius, Charles Luther (Gene Simmons), who has developed deadly killer robots for sinister purposes.

Pre-Programmed Bullets And Robot Spiders

Tom Selleck’s portrayal of Sergeant Jack Ramsey anchors the film, bringing a strong and charismatic presence to the character. Selleck’s natural charm and commanding screen presence make Ramsey a relatable and likable protagonist, and his dedication to his job and personal principles adds depth to the character. Selleck’s performance is one of the film’s highlights, capturing the audience’s attention and driving the narrative forward.


The futuristic world depicted in “Runaway” is visually captivating, showcasing Michael Crichton’s talent for creating believable near-future environments. The advanced technology, from household robots to sophisticated security systems, adds an air of realism to the film’s setting. The production design and practical effects used to bring the robotic elements to life are commendable, immersing viewers in a world where technology is both awe-inspiring and potentially dangerous.

Selleck and Alley

Where “Runaway” falters is in its pacing and narrative execution. The film suffers from occasional lulls, with some scenes feeling slow and lacking the tension necessary for a thriller. The plot itself, while initially intriguing, becomes formulaic and predictable as it unfolds, missing opportunities for a more significant exploration of the moral implications surrounding the use of advanced technology and the consequences of unchecked scientific progress.

Selleck and Alley

Despite these flaws, “Runaway” does offer several thrilling sequences that showcase its potential. The film’s climactic chase scene, involving a high-speed pursuit with a malfunctioning robot, is well-executed and filled with tension. The use of practical effects and stunts adds a level of authenticity to the action, creating genuinely thrilling moments that keep viewers engaged.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, of the rock band KISS, delivers a memorable performance as the film’s villain, Charles Luther. His menacing presence and eccentric portrayal add a layer of unpredictability to the character. While Simmons’ performance may be somewhat over-the-top at times, it serves to elevate the film’s intensity and injects a sense of danger into the narrative

Gene Simmons

The Cast

  • Tom Selleck as Sergeant Jack R. Ramsay
  • Cynthia Rhodes as Officer Karen Thompson
  • Gene Simmons as Dr. Charles Luther
  • Kirstie Alley as Jackie Rogers
  • Stan Shaw as Sergeant Marvin James
  • G.W. Bailey as Chief of Police
  • Joey Cramer as Bobby Ramsay
  • Chris Mulkey as David Johnson
  • Sullivan Walker as K.C.
  • Anne-Marie Martin as Hooker At Bar
  • Michael Paul Chan as Wilson, Vectrocon Security Guard
  • Babz Chula as Construction Foreperson
  • Marilyn Schreffler as Voice of Lois
  • Elizabeth Norment as Miss Shields
  • Carol Teesdale as Sally
  • Paul Batten as Harry
  • Betty Phillips as Linda
  • Stephen Thorne as Tommy
  • Stephen E. Miller as Rudy
  • Cec Verrell as Hooker
  • Amber Borycki as Baby (uncredited)
Gene Simmons
RUNAWAY, Gene Simmons, 1984, (c)TriStar Pictures


In summary, “Runaway” is an entertaining sci-fi thriller that showcases Tom Selleck’s talents and boasts a visually captivating futuristic setting. While the film falls short in terms of pacing and missed narrative opportunities, it still manages to deliver moments of excitement and suspense. Fans of 80s science fiction and Tom Selleck’s work will find enjoyment in this action-packed adventure, even if it doesn’t quite reach the heights it aspires to.

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