Predator is a 1987 action thriller science fiction film. Directed by John McTieman.

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The Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer. A Vietnam veteran now turned mercenary. In the film, he is summoned to South America, with his team of highly trained professionals.

A cabinet minister and his aide are held hostage by guerrillas. Dutch and his team are tasked by Dillon (Carl Weathers) to rescue the two hostages. Dillon, an old wartime friend of Dutch is now employed by the CIA. The group was made up of Sergeant Mac (Bill Dukes), “Poncho” Ramirez (Richard Chavez), Blain (Jesse Ventura), Billy (Sonny Landham), and Hawkins (Shane Black).

The rescue team
Anna the only survivor

The hunt begins

After attacking the rebel village and killing everyone, Dutch discovered that it was no rescue mission, but rather to recover intel for the CIA. The only survivor they caught was Anna (Elpidia Carrillo). The frightened woman knew what was about to happen to the men. The hunt started with Blain being the first to fall victim to the Predator lurking in the bushes. The team’s men are killed one by one until only Dutch and Anna is left.

After sending Anna to the helicopter at the rendezvous point, Dutch stays behind to confront the creature. It culminates in a cat and mouse game, with Dutch outsmarting the alien by camouflaging himself with mud and setting traps. He eventually overcomes the creature, just to run for his life, when the alien sets off a self-destruct device.

Predator was released on June 12, 1987. With a budget of $15 million, it grossed $98 million in the United States. It initially received mixed reviews, but since, it became a cult classic 80s action SciFi film. The quality of the special effects can still be appreciated to this day. An icon of the decade, it set the standard for many movies to come.

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