Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was released on 10 July 1985. This post-apocalyptic Australian production was directed by George Miller and George Ogilvie. Written by Terry Hayes.


It is the third installment of the Mad Max film series, featuring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner.

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The movie generated a box office income of $36 million on a budget of $10 million.

The Movie

The scene is set in a post-apocalyptic Australia. Max Rockatansky (Gibson) travels over the wastelands when he is attacked, and his vehicle stolen.


He carries on, on foot and reaches a community named “Bartertown“. Here he meets the town’s ruler, Aunty Entity (Turner).


After asking for assistance, Max is told by Aunty Entity to perform certain tasks for her. Tasks that would pit him against a dwarf called Master (Rossitto) and his henchman, Blaster (Larsson).

The Cast


  • Mel Gibson as Max “Mad Max” Rockatansky
  • Tina Turner as Aunty “Entity”
  • Bruce Spence as Jedediah “The Pilot”
  • Adam Cockburn as Jedediah Jr
  • Frank Thring as “The Collector”
  • Angelo Rossitto as “Master”
  • Angry Anderson as “Ironbar” Bassey,
  • Helen Buday as Savannah Nix
  • Tom Jennings as Slake M’Thirst, the male leader of the child tribe.
  • Edwin Hodgeman as Dr. Dealgood
  • George Spartels as “Blackfinger”


A soundtrack was released in 1985 that included the two tracks by Tina Turner, “We don’t need another hero” and “One of the living”.


Generally, critics’ response was positive. Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times noted that the film is

“the first really original movie idea about how to stage a fight since we got the first karate movies”

and said this about the fight scene between Max and Blaster

 “one of the great creative action scenes in the movies”

A fourth installment of the series was released in 2015 and called “Mad Max: Fury Road.

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