Greatest TV Themes from the 80s

The Eighties had some pretty good TV shows, and with them came great episodes of intro themes. It was a glorious time of synthesizer music and great composers like Alan Silvestri and Mike Post. To this day the connection between the show and the episode theme is unbreakable and takes you back to a time we all long for. Here are some of the Greatest TV themes from the 80s.


This track is unique. With its unique synthesizer style, you can see the black helicopter screeching by in a fury in your mind’s eye. The theme music was composed by Sylvester Levay.


The TV drama Dallas was one of the most viewed shows in the eighties. This phenomenal intro theme was composed by Jerrold Kimmel.


MacGyver indeed boasts a lively, catchy tune. Fitting to the storyline. The theme was composed by Randy Edelman.

Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff and his self-driving talking car cemented its place on the tv itinerary. The show was a huge hit during the decade, and we all remember the narrator’s heavy breathing during the characteristic synthesizer opening. The theme music was composed by Stu Phillips.

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls. A mother, daughter, and two friends. This one is truly iconic, with the jet airliner flying through the glimmering sun, with its loveable piano jingle. The theme was composed by Andrew Gold.

The A-Team

The A-Team has a militaristic intro. A drumbeat with the voice of John Ashely telling the story of the four characters. It then bursts into a lively tune no one will ever forget. Composed by Mike Post and Peter Carpenter.

Magnum p.i.

The (Magnum p.i.) theme starts with a helicopter diving down over the ocean, with guitar play, flowing in and out of orchestral music. Quite a catchy theme. Composed by Mike Post and Peter Carpenter.

Miami Vice

Miami Vice simply has one of those themes that embodies the eighties, The show was a huge success, and its theme was composed by Jan Hammer.

Who’s The Boss?

An 80s darling. One of the best sitcoms of the era. The theme starts with Tony driving his blue van to his new job. Composed by Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter (lyrics) Larry Carlton and Robert Kraft (music)


Another catchy tune by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter

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