10 Snappy Facts About Masters Of The Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys and cartoons are synonymous with growing up in the eighties. Remember watching an episode while playing with the action figures? The theme made such an impact on the kids growing up in the era that it is still loved and revered by many, with original toys that survived from back then going for big amounts of cash.

Here are 10 Snappy Facts About Masters Of The Universe that you probably did not know.

1 Toy Appeared First

As the norm is today, most toys are released after a successful movie, series, or game. But in the Eighties, it was usually the other way around. The toy range was released in 1982 by Mattel. It was the success of the toy that gave inspiration for a tv series based on the toys.

2 The Conan Connection

The concept of He-Man is unofficially based on the character of Conan in the 1982 film “Conan The Barbarian”.

3 Skeletor Too Evil For France

At the time of the release of the TV animation series, officials in France deemed Skeletor too disturbing for kids, and many episodes were censored.

4 Syndication

The TV Series was the first cartoon to go straight to syndication, and aired on weekday afternoons, instead of the traditional Saturday mornings.

5 The Characters

Although the main aim of the TV series was to help market the toy range, further action figures were produced by Mattel as they started appearing in the television show. For example Prince Adam, Orko, and King Randor. However, Lou Scheimer refused to reveal some of the new action figures on the TV show. For example Stinkor and the Snake Men.

6 Good Advice

At the end of each season, one of the characters would appear to give some moral advice or a life lesson.

7 Jitsu

Jitsu was a lesser-known henchman of Skeletor and appeared only once during the series.

Jitsu appears in the cartoon

8 DC And Superman

Yes, Superman appeared in Eternia, He-Man’s homeworld. In July 1982 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe appeared in DC Comics at the time. Issue #47 of DC Comics Presents was the first to feature the magic world of Eternia. Called “Eternia With Death”. Some DC titles that followed included a special MOTU (Masters Of The Universe) insert.

9 He-Man And Skeletor Are Related

Yes, it’s true, according to the mini-comic called “The search for Keldor”

10 The Movie

In 1987 an unsuccessful movie starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man was released. The film was a commercial flop but gained cult status ever since.



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