Lego King’s Castle 6080

Set number Lego King’s Castle 6080

Released 1984

674 Parts

The Lego King’s Castle 6080 from 1984 was the flagship of the castle range being produced by Lego at the time. 6080 came with a generous assortment of mini-figures and horses, with swords, shields, and lances galore. The walls are mainly made up of panels, with the sidewall being connected with hinges so the whole castle can open up. At the ends of the opened-up walls, you got a technic brick at the bottom with a pinhole.

Other castle sets could then be attached with a technic pin. Essentially the castle sets served a modular function, so you can create our own bigger setup. A very unique function. It boasted a retractable drawbridge, attached with ropes via a little winch, and a “steel” gate. Also suspended by a rope. Color is added by 13 red and yellow flags. The set had some detail with round bricks and printed panels.

Box Art

Being the time of box flaps, you had one on this set, to open and reveal the neatly packaged parts inside the box you just bought. A true legend amongst Castle fans.


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