Nintendo Donkey Kong (Game and Watch)

Nintendo Donkey Kong Game and Watch were based on the original arcade version of the game. But limited to 25M according to the arcade model. It operated with two LR44 batteries that lasted up to 6 months. The layout of the game’s controls became known as the D-Pad. A feature to be used in all the upcoming games from Nintendo.

The orange packaging the game was sold in.

The Game

The game was based on Mario having to dodge wooden barrels thrown at him by a guerrilla called Donkey Kong, on his quest to save his girlfriend Pauline. Mario had three lives, and the main aim was to get points. Mario loses a life whenever you fail to dodge a flying wooden barrel. The maximum total of points a gamer could reach was 999. You had two levels of difficulty. A and B. Donkey Kong had characteristic sounds that could become annoying to any other person sitting nearby.

Nintendo: Donkey Kong
The game console folded up for convenient storage.

Build Quality

The build quality was excellent. The two screens, attached via two everlasting hinges, would fold together to half its size. Perfect for those 80s kids on the go. These games also featured a watch and alarm.

The game opened in play mode


Released in the USA and Japan almost simultaneously in 1982. Nintendo sold over one million copies of this version, with many more variants of Donkey Kong and other games following soon.

Two screens

This handheld console was a massive breakthrough in mobile gaming and has become an iconic symbol of the 80s. Did you have one?