Commando is an American action film released in 1985. It was directed by Mark L. Lester and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano.


Commando was a hit at the box office. Starting on a budget of $9 million, it grossed over $57 million. It remained in the top position at the box office for three consecutive weeks. The film is an “Arnie” classic.

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Filming lasted for 45 days on locations in California. The 80s soundtrack “veteran” composer, James Horner composed the film’s music. A soundtrack of the film was released in 2003 and limited to 3000 copies.

The Movie

Schwarzenegger plays the role of John Matrix, a retired U.S. Special Forces Colonel. His daughter, Jenny Matrix is played by Alyssa Milano. They are both abducted by a powerful warlord called Arius. This former dictator has a history with Matrix.


John is forced to attack Aius’ political opponents, to stage a coup. Jenny is held hostage in the meantime. Reluctantly he agrees. While on the runway, John overpowers the guard. Jumping out of the plane, he sets off to rescue his daughter. He meets up with Cindy, an off-duty flight attendant. She eagerly joins him in his crusade to rescue his daughter.

With the help of Cindy, John picks off one by one of Arius’ Villians, extracting information as he goes. the duo ends up on the island hideout where his daughter is held. In true 80s action movie style, John annihilates the army of mercenaries on the island and kills Arius, freeing his daughter.


The Cast

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Colonel John Matrix
  • Rae Dawn Chong as Cindy
  • Alyssa Milano as Jenny Matrix
  • Dan Hedaya as President Arius
  • Vernon Wells as Captain Bennett
  • James Olson as Major General Franklin Kirby
  • David Patrick Kelly as Sully
  • Bill Duke as Cooke
  • Drew Snyder as Lawson
  • Michael Delano as Forrestal
  • Charles Meshack as Henriques
  • Carlos Cervantes as Diaz
  • Chelsea Field as Brunette Stewardess
  • Bill Paxton as Intercept Officer

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