Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine was released on 20 December 1985. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson.

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The West-German/American dark science fiction film had a budget of $29 million but failed at the box office with a dismal revenue of $12.3 million. Starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett.

Production was marred by differences between the production crew members. Filming started in Budapest in 1984 and was canceled shortly afterward. Peterson took over and moved the filming to Munich.

The movie

Enemy Mine tells the story of an interstellar war in the near future between humans and an alien race called the Dracs. Willis E. Davidge (Quaid) is a fighter pilot in the BTA (Bilateral Terran Alliance).


However, they soon learn of the dangers that the strange world poses and decides to work together to survive, saving each other’s lives on few occasions. Davidge nicknames the Drac pilot “Jerry”.


During a battle, Davidge is engaged in a dogfight with a Drac fighter pilot called Jeriba Shigan (Gossett). Both spaceships are damaged in the fight and crash on a planet called Fyrine IV. On the planet’s surface, the duel is continued with the two pilots hunting each other.

The Dracs are a hermaphroditic species, and it was soon discovered that Jerry was pregnant. When Davidge returns from investigating strange activity, Jerry was already in labor. He soon died after giving birth, but not before he made sure Davidge would return the child to his home planet and complete his lineage.

Human scavengers that employ Dracs as slave labor visits the planet, and Davidge realizes he has to protect the child called Zammis


(Robinson). They are discovered by the miners and Davidge tries to prevent the child from being abducted but is gunned down by a miner. Zammis is taken away and Davidge is left for dead, only to be picked up by a BTA ship.

Davidge remains in a coma but eventually wakes up. He is reinstated but not allowed to fly again, as his superiors feared he might be compromised. When he asks for assistance to rescue Zammis, it was denied and he steals a spaceship.


He returns to the planet and tracks down the scavenger ship. Sneaking aboard he incites a revolt by the Drac slaves, killing one miner after the other. Zammis is eventually rescued and the two return to the Drac homeworld.


Enemy Mine was an obvious financial disappointment to the producers. However, it received mixed critical responses. The special effects could have been better, but the rest of the film is good enough for a revisit on a Saturday 80s movie night.

The Cast

  • Dennis Quaid as Willis “Will” Davidge (called “Dah-witch” by Jeriba)
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Jeriba Shigan (called “Jerry” by Davidge)
  • Brion James as Stubbs, the Scavenger leader
  • Richard Marcus as Arnold, Davidge’s squadmate
  • Carolyn McCormick as Morse, Davidge’s squadmate
  • Bumper Robinson as Zammis
  • Jim Mapp as Old Drac Slave
  • Lance Kerwin as Joey Wooster, Davidge’s copilot
  • Scott Kraft as Jonathan, a Scavenger
  • Lou Michaels as Wilson, a Scavenger
  • Andy Geer as Bates, a Scavenger
  • Henry Stolow as Cates, Davidge’s squadmate
  • Herb Andress as Hopper, Davidge’s superior officer

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