Casio watches of the 1980s

During the 1980s anything tech was dreamt and tried. The arm watch was one of the leading areas of innovation during the 80s. Even David Hasselhoff with a self-driving car had to have a smart device on his wrist. Casio watches of the 1980s was certainly not the only brand around, but by all means leading the way. The first calculator watch from Casio was the C-80. Released in 1980. Now the trend was on. The watches came out with all kinds of features like being water-resistant, and shockproof. A feature that would become known as “G-Schock”

The CA-50 worn by Marty McFly

During the film Back to the Future, you can see Marty wearing this variant. The CA-50 released in 1984, became the best selling watch from Casio. The tech giant already established itself as a quality brand. Together with their solar-powered calculators and synthesizer keyboards, the smartwatches propelled Casio into first place. Casio watches of the 1980s were truly a must-have item.

Casio gaming watches of the 80s

The watchmaker also released a string of wristwatches with pre-installed games. Some examples were Scramble Fighter, Egg Panic, and Super Slalomer. The gaming watches slotted right into the arcade gaming boom of the decade.

Scramble Fighter

Egg Panic

Super Slalomer