The TV show

Dallas premiered on April 2nd, 1978 to May 3rd, 1991. An American soap opera about the Ewing family from Texas and their family business, Ewing oil. The show is set on the family cattle farm, Southfork.

Dallas ran for a total of 14 seasons made up of 357 full-hour episodes on CBS primetime tv. Season 9 will be remembered as the “dream” season, for its entirety was made up of Pamela Ewing’s dream.

All this is due to conflicts between executive producer Philip Capice and producer Leonard Katzman. I can still remember my parents’ reaction when Bobby turned around in the shower, revealing to the audience his death was all a dream.

By the time the show came to an end, Larry Hagman was the only actor to have appeared in all the episodes of Dallas and the Ewings.

Larry Hagman played the role of the shrewd J.R. Ewing, and who can forget the drama around his character? Patrick Duffy performed the role of his brother, Bobby Ewing.

The cast included other names like Jim Davis, Victoria Principal, George Kennedy, Kimberley Foster, and Linda Gray, just to name a few.

J.R. and Pamela Ewing

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