13 Snappy facts about Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the first film in the Indiana Jones series. Released in 1984, it set the standard for adventure movies. Here are 13 Snappy facts about Temple of Doom

1 The screaming

Kate Capshaw screams a total of 71 times in the film.

2 A prequel

George Lucas made the film a prequel because he did not want to make another Nazi villain movie.

3 Maharaj

The Indian government refused the film to be made in India. After reading a copy of the script, they demanded the word “Maharaj” be removed. Citing fears of misperceptions of their culture. Filming then had to be moved to Sri Lanka. The film is banned in India to this day.

4 The one million dollar script page

When the film started going over budget, Spielberg approached the writers to make some changes to the script to save some money. One page was removed from the script that brought the bill down by one million dollars. The page contained a scene involving the use of two vintage biplanes. This scene was later added to the script of The Last Crusade of 1989.

5 The dog connection

The three main characters were named after dogs. Short Round was named after screenwriter Huyck’s dog, Kate (Willie) was named after Spielberg’s dog, and Indiana was the name of George Lucas’ dog.

6 Chilled monkey brains

The monkey brains served at the table were made of custard and raspberry sauce.

7 The club

The club at the beginning of the movie is Club Obi-Wan. A referral to Lucas’ Star Wars.

8 PG-13

The film contained so many violent scenes, that together with Gremlins of the same year, led to the creation of the PG-13 rating in 1984. Red Dawn was the first film released afterward to be handed the PG-13 rating.

9 Sharon Stone

The actress was set to play the role of Willie Scott, but the producers opted for Kate Capshaw after the latter’s audition. Stone went on to play in King Solomon’s Mines and Allan Quatermain and the lost city of gold.

10 Original name

The film’s original name was Indiana Jones and the temple of death.

11 The rope bridge

The scene of the rope bridge was shot at three different locations. The bridge was built on the site in Sri Lanka and included the part where Indy cut the rope with his sword. The part where everybody was dangling on the bridge on the side of the cliff was shot at the Elstree Studios in London. The scenes of the alligators in the water were filmed in Florida.

12 Auditioning for Scott

More than a hundred and twenty women auditioned for the role of Willie Scott

13 Opening sequence

Strangely in the opening scene of the movie, the name of the movie is obscured by Willie Scott. The word “of” is totally blocked.

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