Lego Classic Space Moonstalker

Lego 6940 Moonstalker

Set number 6940

Released 1986

263 Parts

The Lego 6940 Moonstalker set from the Classic Space range. Released in 1986. It was among the last sets issued within this iconic theme. Like many creations from its era, this one was modular. It is separated into three smaller sets. With the midsection acting as a launch vehicle for the two rockets. The front section was enclosed with a canopy for spaceflight. The aft section had the “tail” of the craft.

Serving as a grappling tool. At this late stage, the classic line-up adopted more of the old grey color scheme. The traditional blue and transparent yellow was abandoned, n favor of the newer transparent green glass pieces. It is also at this time of the series that the blue space Minifigure was released in more sets together with the rarer black one.

The set features a lot of playability and functionality. The legs were designed with a swivel function. Mimicking a walking vehicle. It came with two classic space mini-figures. One blue and one red. The box, needless to say, was very well designed. With a flap on the front, you can open it to view the neatly packed parts inside.

The Set

Lego 6940 Moonstalker

The Box

Lego 6940 Moonstalker has become a vintage collectible set, sought after by Classic Space fans and vintage Lego collectors.