La Linea. The mumbling drawing

La Linea is Italian for “The Line“, a flowing cartoon of drawings. Cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli created the animated cartoon series. Broadcasted from 1971 until 1986. It consisted of 90 episodes.

Mr. Linea arguing with the artist

Each is between two and seven minutes long, spanning over three seasons. Franco Godi produced the background music, and the character’s voice was that of Carlo Bonomi


The TV show

The cartoon featured a male character called “Mr. Linea” walking on a line, of which he is part. During the episode, he would encounter various obstacles coming out of the line, with him loudly jabbering at the artist to fix the drawing. Some obstacles got drawn to present him with a problem he has to solve.

Who can forget him bursting out in laughter? Usually while walking, the line would just stop, with the character almost falling off the “cliff”. Blasting the cartoonist to correct it. As the show went on the background color would continuously change from blue to green, to red, etc. Below are various scenes from some of the episodes.

The show became a hit over time and pop culture followed soon. Various music artists and advertisers used images of La Linea in their videos or commercials. In 2012 Ford used the cartoon in its commercial for the C_MAX hybrid.

The little animated guy, splurting his gibberish all the time at the artist will be remembered by all who grew up in the 80s. A true and just 80s memory.

Episode 1