10 Snappy facts about Die Hard


Die Hard from 1988 is one of the most notable and memorable movies released during the eighties. Directed by John McTiernan, who is also known for Predator. Also, it’s a Christmas movie, or not. You decide. Here are 10 Snappy facts about Die Hard

1 Nakatomi Plaza

The “Nakatomi” building used in the movie is a 20th century Fox building. During filming, it was still under construction, and the company charged itself rent during production.


2 Hans Gruber

Producer Joel Silver and director John McTiernan spotted Alan Rickman when they watched him in “Dangerous Liaisons”. They immediately knew they wanted him for the character of Gruber.

3 The script

The script, as well as the novel, plays out over three days, but McTiernan decided events should take place in one day.

4 Alan Rickman

Die Hard was Rickman’s first film appearance, which he nearly passed up. He played the role of a villain so well, that in his career as an actor he struggled to shed the image of a bad guy.


5 The bad guys

McTiernan opted to portray the villains as thieves, rather than terrorists.


6 Movie poster

On the release of the film, movie theater posters did not include Bruce Willis, as the producers feared there might be fans that doesn’t like Bruce Willis. Soon after the release and the huge box office success, they altered the poster to include Willis.


7 Yippee-ki-yay

Yippee-ki-yay is Urdu for “here, eat this”. Adding “motherfucker”, it became a cult line, which was used in all the other Die Hard movies.


8 Christmas movie

20th Century Fox stated in the new 30th-anniversary trailer “it’s the greatest Christmas story ever told”. The debate is still going on.

9 The guns

Yes, the guns used in the movie were real, firing blanks, altered to create a brighter muzzle flash. The weapons were fired at a firing range in Texas with real ammo, to record the sound, and edit it into the gunfight scenes.

10 McClane’s shirt

In 2007 Bruce Willis donated the white undershirt to the Smithsonian Museum.



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