The Life Of Madonna

Madonna was born on 16 August 1958 in Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A. The American singer and writer were known as the “Queen of Pop” during the eighties. Born as Madonna Loise Ciccone. She was from the second generation of Italian emigrants and she grew up in a Catholic house. Her mother, Madonna Louise, died of breast cancer at the age of 30. Her father, Silvio Anthony “Tony” Ciccone, worked as an engineer designer at Chrysler.

Madonna in 1983

Very early on she started to show her eccentric side in school. She would perform random dances and ballet moves in the hallways and expose herself to the boys in school so they can see her underwear. In 1966 her father married their housekeeper Joan Gustafson.

They had two kids. Madonna resented her Father for this and their relationship went bad and she started to rebel. Her father enrolled her in piano classes but she eventually started doing ballet. At Rochester Adams High School she excelled and became a straight-A student and was a member of the cheerleading squad.

The Eighties

In 1978 she dropped out of college and left for New York. Here she started as a waiter at Dunkin’ Doughnuts and also joined modern dance troupes. She took classes at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and later she joined Pearl Lang Dance Theater. Working hard, and being held at knifepoint in the streets of New York at one time, she succeeded in becoming a backup dancer with more prominent artists. While on tour with french disco artist Patrick Hernandez, she became romantically involved with musician Dan Gilroy. They lived in an abandoned synagogue in Queens, New York. It is here where her life took a turn.

The First Bands

Madonna’s love life became a rollercoaster as she dropped one boyfriend for the other as her career took leaps forward. While with Dan, they formed the band “Breakfast Club”. Here she took the title of the lead singer, and also played the drums and guitar. Then she left with Stephen Bray and started “Emmy”. Her sights were set. Together they wrote songs and promoted herself as a solo artist.

New York 1983

Madonna’s Big Break

Impressed by her music, DJ and record producer Mark Kamins arranged a meeting with Sire Records. It is 1982 and by now Madonna signed a deal with Sire for her debut single “Everybody“, released in October 1982. The second single “Burning Up” was released in March 1983. The scene was set for greater things. Her synth-pop disco style was upbeat and modern, and she made good use of the technology available at the time.

The First Album

Her debut album called “Madonna” was released in July 1983. It reached the number eight spot on the Billboard 200. By the time her second studio album, “Like A Virgin” was released in November 1984, she had grown in global popularity. The album became her first number one hit in numerous countries around the world and was the first female artist album to sell over 5 million copies in the U.S.A. Later on, it was certified diamond after it has sold over 21 million copies.

Enter Hollywood.

In 1985 Madonna starred in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. The film was an American comedy-drama also starring Rosanna Arquette and Aiden Quin, and claimed to be one of the ten best films of 1985. Other films she starred in during the eighties were ‘Shanghai Surprise’ (for which she received the 1986 Golden Rasberry Award for the Worst Actress), ‘Who’s that girl’, and ‘Bloodhounds of Broadway’

True Blue

Her third studio album “True Blue” was released in June 1986. Dedicated to her husband of the time, Sean Penn. The album included 5 singles. “Live To Tell“, “Papa Don’t Preach“, “True Blue“, “Open your Heart“, and “La Isla Bonita“. All five reached the number one spot in the US and UK. With 25 million sales, it remains her best selling album. It topped the charts in 28 countries. In 1992 it was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling album by a woman of all time.

Like a Prayer

Launched in 1989, her fourth studio album repeated her successes and topped charts worldwide. It also was the year she filed for divorce from her husband Sean Penn. Pepsi signed a commercial ad contract with her in that same year, featuring the album’s lead single “Like a Prayer”. The music video was controversial for its images of a burning cross and the stigmata. Understandably the Vatican protested and Pepsi canceled its agreement with her. Like a Prayer became her seventh number one hit on the hot 100 single.

Madonna and the camera

The Queen of Pop was as comfortable in a photography studio as she was in a sound studio. Her photogenic appearance made many magazine covers and articles.

The Nineties and Beyond

Madonna continued her journey and starred in films like “A League of Their Own” and “Dick Tracey” just to name two. Her performing career became the envy of all pop artists. Numerous albums like “Erotica”, “Ray of Light” and “Confessions on the Dance Floor” followed. From 1985 up to the time of writing she had 11 World Tours under her belt. She is also involved in 7 enterprises like “Boy Toy Inc.” and “Ray of Light Foundation” Unconventional, daring, provocative with unmatched talent. These were the things that made Madonna one of the most popular artists in modern history