12 Snappy Facts About Dallas

Dallas was one of the most prominent and successful television shows during the Eighties. Spanning over 14 seasons, it was watched all over the world. Here are 12 Snappy Facts About Dallas you probably did not know.

1 Who shot J.R.?

The catchphrase CBS created to promote the hit TV show. It was revealed on the show “Who Done IT” that J.R.’s sister-in-law shot him in a fit of anger.

2 The gun that shot J.R.

Several scenes with various actors who fires the prop gun were filmed because it was not decided then who would be the shooter. The gun is currently on display at the Southfork museum house.

3 357 Episodes

Larry Hagman is the only actor to appear in all of the 357 episodes of Dallas.

4 Knots Landing

Knots Landing was created first, but production companies did not buy it. It was only with the success of Dallas that Knots Landing was revived.

5 Video game

Yes, believe it or not, a “Dallas” video game was released. In 1984 Datasoft released a game called “The Dallas Quest” for the Commodore 64.

6 Two filming sets

The exterior of the ranch had two filming locations. The first one is the actual ranch, and the second was a copy built in a studio. One can note the differences between the two, the design of the swimming pool is one.

7 The red Mercedez

In the last episode, Bobby Ewing drove the same red Mercedez convertible and leather jacket that he wore in the first episode 13 years before.

8 The Dallas theme

The theme of the show was voted the number one of all time tv shows in an Entertainment Weekly poll.

9 First and last episode

Only five of the Dallas actors starred in the very first episode as well as the last. (Hagman, Duffy, Kercheval, Gray, and Kanaly).

10 J.R. was a veteran

In the show, J.R. is several years younger than Hagman actually was. J.R. was a Vietnam veteran, but Hagman was actually a Korean war veteran.

11 The house

The Southfork house is an actual house on a ranch called “Duncan Acres”. It is now a museum devoted to the hit show.

12 The Dream Season

The entire season 9 is known as the “Dream Season”. Referring to Pam Ewing’s dream of Bobby’s Death.

The Dallas Theme


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