Moonlighting is an American TV comedy-drama series starring Cybill Shepard and Bruce Willis.

The show aired on ABC from 3 March 1985 to 14 May 1989. It consisted of 67 episodes spread over 5 seasons.

The Show

The show revolved around the Blue Moon Detective Agency with its two partners, Madelyn “Maddie Hayes (Shepherd) and David Addison Jr. (Willis).

Maddie, a former model finds herself bankrupt after her bookkeeper embezzled all her assets. She is only left with a few failing businesses, of which one is a detective agency. Addison persuades her to keep the detective agency and run it as a partnership.

The characters were introduced during a one-hour series pilot episode. The productions brought Bruce Willis into the spotlight and revived Cybill Shepard’s ailing acting career.

The Cast

  • Cybill Shepherd as Maddie (Madelyn) Hayes
  • Bruce Willis as David Addisonexual
  • Allyce Beasley as Agnes DiPesto
  • Curtis Armstrong as Herbert Violative
  • Jack Blessing as MacGillicudy

Guest Stars

  • Charles Rocket as Richard Addison
  • Eva Marie Saint and Robert Webber as Virginia and Alexander Hayes
  • Mark Harmon appeared near the end of Season 3 as Sam Crawford
  • Dennis Dugan as Walter Bishop
  • Brooke Adams appeared in Season 4 as Terri Knowles
  • Virginia Madsen appeared in Season 5 as Annie Charnock


Initially, the show started out as a huge success. During its lifetime, the show was nominated for 40 Emmy Awards, winning 6. It was also nominated for 10 Golden Globes and won 3.

From the end of season 3, the show started to lose its appeal for various reasons, as Cybill Shepard was pregnant and had twins, restricting her screen time with Willis.

During this time, Bruce Willis was working on the action film “Die Hard”. The movie was a huge success and Bruce Willis became increasingly interested in the prospects of a film career. His taste for TV waned.


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