The small photo disk from Kodak Disc Film

The elements of the camera

Kodak Disc Film was initially introduced by Kodak in 1982. This little innovation boasted 15 10x8mm exposures. The size of the disk allowed cameras to become much smaller and lighter. Because of the 10x8mm exposure size, photos were not very good. Developing the images required a 6 element lens from Kodak. Many photo labs of the time only operated on 3 element lens equipment. Thus giving the photos a very low print quality. In the end, the disk film was not very successful. Seen here are the Kodak disk 4000 camera, the cartridge of the film, and the round film itself. See the marketing video here

Kodak Disk4000

Kodak Disk Film was produced until 1999, long after the last camera was sold in 1988.

The disk with 15 exposures arranged along the edge of the disk

Disk Film Packaging

Other Manufacturers

Other brands soon followed. With the likes of 3M, Konica, and Fuji. Camera brands like Minolta and Canon also produced the sleeker design of a camera. Seen here is the Minolta “disc-7”. The very first camera being marketed with a selfie stick.

TV Commercial

1985 Kodak TV Commercial.