Vision Quest

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Official Movie Poster

The Movie

Vision Quest was released on 15 February 1985. It was directed by Harold Becker and starred Mathew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. The 107-minute film grossed a box office income of $13 million

Madonna made an appearance in the film, her first in a major production, as a singer in a bar. In the film, she performs the single “Crazy for You“. This prompted the name of the film to be changed to “Crazy for You” in the UK and Australia, on the back of the popularity of Madonna.

The Plot

Louden Swain (Modine) is an eighteen-year-old student at Thompson High School. He decides to take on wrestling and challenge a rival at Hoover High School. A state champion called Brian Shute (Frank Jasper) that has never been defeated in his high school career.

Swain goes on a “vision quest”, a Native American term, to get into shape for the challenge. Meanwhile, his dad takes in a traveler that boards with them. Carla (Fiorentino) is from Trenton, New Jersey, and passes through on her way to San Fransisco.

Swain falls in love with Carla which complicates his preparation for his challenge.

The Cast

  • Matthew Modine as Louden Swain
  • Linda Fiorentino as Carla
  • Michael Schoeffling as Kenny “Kuch” Kuchera
  • Ronny Cox as Larry Swain
  • Frank Jasper as Brian Shute
  • Harold Sylvester as Gene Tanneran
  • Daphne Zuniga as Margie Epstein
  • Charles Hallahan as Coach Ratta
  • J.C. Quinn as Elmo
  • R.H. Thomson as Kevin
  • Gary Kasper as Otto Lafte
  • Raphael Sbarge as Kenny Schmoozler
  • Forest Whitaker as Jean-Pierre “Balldozer” Baldosier
  • Roberts Blossom as Harry Swain
  • James Gammon as Mr. Kuchera
  • Madonna as Club Singer
  • Ken Pelo as Coach Charlie Swann
  • Jana Marie Hupp as Sally
  • Andrew Shue as Bar Patron
  • Pat Brown as Wrestler (Extra)


The movie experienced moderate success in the U.S.

Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun wrote:

“while the core storyline was a formulaic sports drama, it is nevertheless a movie with some nice surprises, mostly because it takes the time to create some interesting characters, with standout performances from Modine, Cox and Fiorentino.”

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