Blind Fury

Blind fury was released in 1989 and directed by Phillip Noyce. Starring Rutger Hauer. It was an action film with underlying comical scenes. The movie is loosely based on the Japanese Zatoichi film series

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The Movie

Hauer plays the role of an American Vietnam soldier, Nick Parker. After being injured in a mortar explosion, and separated from his unit, Nick is found by locals from a village and taken in to help him. Blinded by the blast he had to practice to enhance his other senses. Here he is trained in becoming a master swordsman and use his enhanced senses.

Nick during his training

After 20 years Parker returns to the states. He sets out to find his old army friend Frank Deveraux. It is here that he stumbles upon a situation he did not expect. Frank is missing when he met up with Frank’s wife and son. While there, henchmen of Frank’s boss, druglord, and casino owner MacCready, came to kidnap the boy, Billy (Brandon Call). intending to keep the boy as ransom. Parker fights off the thugs who underestimate the blind man’s ability. Billy’s mother, Lynn (Meg Foster) is fatally wounded in the altercation, and on her dying request, Parker takes the boy to find his father.

Note the Walkman

The road trip

Nick and Billy set off for Reno and is constantly harassed by MacCready’s men. Eventually, they meet up with Annie, Frank’s girlfriend. Here several clashes occur, with the boy and his babysitter being kidnapped, drug labs destroyed, and tense moments with gun-yielding criminals. Parker’s big test came at the end when MacCready hires an expert Japanese swordsman. Parker overcomes his adversary and Frank and Billy are united.

The end scene saw Frank, Billy and Annie reunited, and about to board a bus for San Fransico with Parker. However, Parker suddenly had a change of heart and dropped his bus ticket. Billy was heartbroken and Nick told him to rather go with his father, disappearing behind a passing bus. Billy, crying, ran to a bridge and threw his dinosaur that Nick made him off the bridge. Nick catches it while standing under the bridge. Showing a tear running down his face and putting on his sunglasses, the film ends with Parker walking away.

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