Firefox was released in 1982, starring Clint Eastwood.


The film was shot on a budget of $21 million and earned a total of $46 million at the box office.

The production was based on a 1977 novel by Craig Thomas.

The Movie

Firefox is set in the Cold War era. The Western powers learn of a high-tech warplane being built by the Soviets. A Mig-31 that is telepathically controlled by the pilot, with stealth technology, and capable of speeds of up to Mach 6.


Codenamed “Firefox” by Nato, the Americans and British come up with a plan to steal the aircraft and approaches Vietnam veteran USAF pilot Major Mitchell Gant (Eastwood) for the operation. Being able to speak Russian and having friendly assets in the Soviet Union, he manages to infiltrate the Firefox program and steal the plane with the help of his Russian aides.


However, the KGB knew about their plans beforehand and lay in wait. An attempt to destroy a second prototype of the plane fails and Gant is pursued by a Soviet pilot in the second plane. He makes it to the Arctic where he meets up with a US submarine to refuel and reload. This is where the second Russian plane catches up with him.


Gant is locked in a stretched-out dogfight but eventually overcomes his adversary by using the backward firing rockets. With the other plane destroyed, Gant flies safely back with the stolen aircraft.

The Cast

  • Clint Eastwood as Major Mitchell Gant
  • Freddie Jones as Kenneth Aubrey
  • David Huffman as Buckholz
  • Warren Clarke as Pavel Upenskoy
  • Ronald Lacey as Dr. Semelovsky
  • Kenneth Colley as Col. Kontarsky
  • Klaus Löwitsch as Gen. Vladimirov
  • Nigel Hawthorne as Dr. Pyotr Baranovich
  • Stefan Schnabel as First Secretary
  • Thomas Hill as General Brown
  • Curt Lowens as Dr. Schuller
  • Clive Merrison as Major Lanyev
  • Kai Wulff as Lt. Col. Voskov
  • Dimitra Arliss as Dr. Natalia Baranovich
  • Austin Willis as Walters
  • Michael Currie as Captain Seerbacker
  • Alan Silvern as Air Marshal Kutuzov
  • Hugh Fraser as Chief Inspector Tortyev
  • Wolf Kahler as KGB Chairman Andropov


The film received average to low ratings, with writers dismissing the movie as a poor attempt. However, it still went on to become some sort of box office hit. With a budget of $21 million, this is the most expensive movie ever made with Eastwood as the lead actor. Atari released a coin-operated machine in 1983.

The Movie Trailer


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