Sit Ubu Sit

Is Ubu Sitting Yet

The jingle takes you back to Saturday morning TV shows or cartoons of the eighties. With a “woof!” at the end, you knew you had just spent time in front of the tv. Today the jingle triggers mesmerizing and nostalgic memories of better days gone by. Childhood days many of us long for.

Sit Ubu Sit Dog with frisbee in its mouth.
Meme of the UBU dog

The Story of “Sit Ubu Sit”

“Sit Ubu Sit” started with television producer Gary Goldberg and his pet black Labrador retriever. The dog was called Ubu Roi.

Goldberg founded Ubu productions in 1982 as an independent T.V. production company. He was associated with Paramount Television and Dreamworld Television. The mascot in the video clip, is Ubu, holding a frisbee in his mouth.

The jingle went ” Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog!”, with a bark at the end. Well-known productions by Goldberg are Family Ties and Open House.

Many other misperceived versions of the jingle are out there like “Sit Booboo, Sit!” or “Sit Bobo, Sit”

The Video Clip