Lego 6980 Galaxy Commander

The Classic Space theme’s flagship at that stage. Lego 6980 Galaxy Commander came out with a moon base landing pad. Produced by Lego and sold all over the globe. One of the few Classic Space sets to be released with a white, blue, and transparent blue color scheme. Not like the old grey and blue with transparent yellow we became accustomed to. Also, one of the last sets to include a baseplate. It was a modular set, (like almost all the big space sets) with the spacecraft breaking up into 3 parts. The cockpits in the front, a structure at the back that comes loose and houses a lab, which can be removed on its own in turn. There is a wide variety of colors of minifigs. Two white, two yellow, and one red spaceman. Two “lunar buggies” were included, with chunky tires for that rough lunar surface.

Set number 6980

Released 1983

443 Parts

The packaging in the box was masterly designed, with a flap on the front revealing what is inside the box. With parts neatly packed for display. Lego 6980 Galaxy Commander is a beautiful set with lots of playability and compliments the whole Classic Space theme that was so popular for the biggest part of the 1980s.

Front part of the ship
Front view
The aft section
Minifigs in the set