ALF (Alien Life Form) aired for the first time on NBC on September 22, 1986. The American comedy show ran for 99 episodes over four seasons until March 24, 1990.

The producers, Alien Products, also released three one-hour episodes. In 2018 Warner Bros. announced a reboot but swiftly canceled the plan.

Alf: The Show

The alien, crash lands in the garage of the Tanners. A middle-class suburban family. The family decides to hide the alien from Melmac from the authorities and neighbors, so he can repair his spaceship.

The Tanner family

The Tanners

The father of the household, Willie (Max Wright), is a social worker. The mother, Kate is played by Anne Schedeen, and the two kids are Lynn (Andrea Elson) and Brian ( Benji Gregory). Later on, a baby was added to the family, as Schedeen was pregnant at the time of the shooting. Do not forget the pet cat, Lucky, whom the visitor from space very much wanted to gobble up. On Melmac, cats were the equivalent of cattle.

The Cat

Appetite for cats

He eventually learned to love the cat as the show went on. The show combined science fiction and comedy, to tell the tale of the alien, and his path on learning everything about the earth.

Alf was popular worldwide, and fans today can remember the quirky, full of tricks alien in suburbia.

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