The Witches of Eastwick: Three Beautiful Women. One Lucky Devil

‘The Witches of Eastwick’ was released in 1987. Starring Jack Nicholson as Daryl Van Horne. The film is based on a 1984 novel by John Updike. Directed by George Miller. Screenplay by Michael Cristofer. Critics received the movie well and the production got nominations for two Oscars.

Movie poster of Witches of Eastwick

The Movie

Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeifer.

The scene is set in Eastwick, a small town on Rhode Island. Alexandra Medford (Cher) is a sculptor and single mother. Sukie Ridgemont (Michelle Pfeifer) is a mother of six daughters and works as a columnist at the Eastwick Word. The local gossip paper. Jane Spofford (Susan Sarandon) plays a divorced music teacher. Together, the three women fantasize about their dream man.

Jack Nicholson

However, Daryl van Horne (Jack Nicholson) appears on the scene and starts to stir. He buys a popular property in town and sets out to enchant the three ladies. The three women soon become entangled in a cat and mouse game of flirting and witchcraft. Many critics claimed the movie to be a showcase of Nicholson’s comical talent. Nicholson showed that he owns the part, and rightly so. One of the best of Hollywood.

The movie trailer