Lego 6385

Fire House

Set Number Lego 6385 Fire House

Released 1985

384 Parts (3 Minifigures)

Box Art

Catalog Image

Lego 6385 Fire House was released in 1985 along with various other Classic Town buildings. Included in the set are 3 Minifigures and two firefighting vehicles. The set is built on a printed baseplate, with four flowers in the driveway. A full breakdown of parts is available on Brickset

The Building

Front view

The building is made up of two garages and a control tower.

Overall the set is made up of red and black parts, and blue window frames and doors. Above the door is a large firefighting sticker, still in good shape after all these years.

Front view

A firehouse sign or an extra tree or two would have been a good consideration at the entrance of the driveway. On the roof, you have two antennas and a siren.

Lego 6835 Firehouse is designed to slot into the road plates and other buildings available in the Legoland line-up.


There are two garages, one for each vehicle. They have roller doors, which I found after all the years are stuck and would not move. Nothing that a few puffs of baby powder couldn’t solve, and the doors moved freely inside the railed bricks again.

Roller shutter doors

The larger of the two trucks sometimes struggles to fit into the garage, and you have to gently press down on the vehicle to remove those hairline spaces between the bricks. Only then does it fit properly.


The fire truck that comes with the set has some nice big wheels to navigate that rugged terrain. It has two ladders that can extend, attached to a hinge piece on a turntable, together with a case that holds the firehose. The chevron is a sticker, but all the other parts are printed.


The cabin is made up of a rectangular windscreen, and a roof on a hinge with two blue lights. The doors on the truck are printed with the firefighting symbol.

Fire Utility Pick-Up

The other vehicle in the Fire House set is a smaller pick-up-style utility.

Fire pick-up

The pick-up has two blue lights on the roof, which is also a hinged plate that can open to insert the minifig. Just like the truck, the doors have printed logos. The examples on this set are still in a good as new condition. On the back of the pickup, you have firefighting equipment.

The Minifigures

The Minifigures have classic yellow hands and headpieces with the trademark smiley face print. The two firefighters have the customary Lego firefighter torso prints and white helmets, The admin lady’s torso is printed in a blue striped citizen design, blue pants, and has a brown hairpiece.

Minifigures and vehicles

The Box

Box art

The box art is reminiscent of the mid-80s Legoland sets, with the customary yellow “LEGOLAND” band.

The box

The front of the box flips open to reveal the parts inside, as well as images of alternate builds.

The set featured here is still in immaculate condition for its age. The prints have not faded, and the limbs on the Minifigures are still stiff.

It is unfortunately the few white parts that are starting to show age and turned yellow. Luckily these parts are still in production and new ones can easily replace the yellowed ones.

City life

Shown here are the vehicles on the road on the way to fight a fire.

A Legoland Street is decorated with flowers and trees that were released under the Legoland theme.


The Lego 6385 Fire House is one of the largest city sets available from 1985. The airport is the largest. It was designed to be modular, so as to be incorporated into your town with other sets and road plates. It has plenty of playability, and the firefighting force can be beefed up by the single firefighter vehicles available from Lego around the same time.

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